Saturday 13 June 2015

It has taken us a while to get here but Beth is now on Stage three of the Gaps diet Intro.  As well as broth and soup and casseroles (aren’t they really the same thing with extra ingredients and different levels of liquidity), yoghurt and honey she can have avocado, pancakes and eggs scrambled in Ghee.
Her appetite has really picked up and this is barely enough for her to eat so we will hopefully whizz through this onto stage four.  
Stage four adds roasted and grilled meat but for some reason not fried or barbecued, cold pressed olive oil and pressed juices which I am really looking forward to.  I could have them any time but fitting them in when I don’t have to doesn’t happen at the moment.   Also almond bread starting with a tiny bit.  That sounds a lot more substantial but a even more hard work but the diet is working beautifully, the hollow eyes and pale complexion and lack of energy have been transformed to pink cheeks and bounciness.

Friday 12 October 2012

Making at Artcore

Most weeks we spend a couple of hours at Artcore doing our own thing with their equipment and support.  Beth is working at the wheel determined to get the knack of centring the clay, everything else comes relatively easily to here but this is difficult requiring firm but delicate pressure to an exact degree.

I am still working on my wire horse, it seems to be taking for ever but we had a break of about 6 weeks in the summer, I am very much enjoying the process which is completely new to me.











Ilam and Dovedale: Friday Walk

Something Beth has longed for has recently been organised by an enterprising home edder so on Friday we went on our very first of what I hope will be a long series of monthly Friday walks.

We met in the car park at Ilam and took a track that was supposed to take about 2 hours, four hours later we marched into the tea room for a very welcome cup of tea.

Here are some pictures of our route.  And us.


















Monday 24 September 2012


I am sending this message via email to the Senedd today, it would be lovely if others sent something like it, I do not want the welsh government to think that because the weather and the distance and just life stop some of us from being there that we are not wholeheartedly behind them giving them all our support.

We are sending this message to support the Welsh home educators braving the weather and gathering outside the Senedd today.  Although sadly we can’t be there with them we are with them in spirit.

There has never been a demonstrated need for government to interfere in home education,  in all cases where a home educated child has come to harm (very few in reality) government agencies were already involved for other reasons than education and failed to act.

As the home educators in Wales hand over the “Hands for Home Ed”  I will be sending my thoughts to support them along with many other people.

Yours sincerely

Maire Bruce and Beth Stafford.

Please share this far and wide, we are sending it to

And copy to  David Jones. Tory MP Secretary of State for Wales.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Recovering skills: Autonomous Home Education

Beth has started the Open University openings course Making Sense of the Arts.  She wants to write and now she is set up with Dragon Naturally Speaking and a decent headset and mike and a voice that she cannot hear two voices in, her writing is flourishing.

These however were hand written (a rare occurrence) and transcribed by me.  This is the work of a few minutes here and there over the last couple of days.  I must say I am a bit awed, it is not something I can do with any ease or even at all.  

But slowly we both remembered that she used to make up songs and poems and stories all the time, she would be constantly telling herself them under her breath when she was little, she was almost born doing it.  

Of course this was pre school, school destroyed her confidence because as she is dyslexic she could not write her ideas down and was pressured to produce work far beneath her abilities rather than provided with the support to work at the level of her ability.  So all that was almost lost in the mists of time, but not lost forever as you can see.

                          I love you

                          I Iove you 

                          You are perfect in every way
                          You are inspiring every day
                          You are bright enough to light the way
                          You are brilliant to this day

                          I love you

                          Sullen Angel

                          One day when I’m a grown
                          I will act all angelic
                          You’ll never see me nor
                          Any angel acting in a sullen way
                          But till that day 
                          I’ll just be me in every way!


                          Dogs dogs 
                          sleep all day
                          unless you have some 
                          time to play


                          I love you so so much 
                          that if I tried to measure it
                          I’d have to give up


                         The cold grips at me
                          In the chilly breeze
                          It seeps in through to the
                          Deepest core and even when the
                          Sun and heat come out it lingers
                          Dancing through me
                          Just that bit longer


                         Rose’s aren’t always red
                         But violet’s are blue
                         You may be sweet
                         I’ve never tasted you

                          English Working Man

                          I would climb a mountain
                          But I haven’t got the time

                          I would swim the channel 
                          But I haven’t got the time

                          I would run a marathon
                          But I haven’t got the time

                          I would go for a bike ride 
                          But I haven’t got the time

                          I would come and see you 
                          But I haven’t got the time

                          See I’m an english working man

                          Fish fish how do you have your baths

                          Fish fish
                          How do you have your baths
                          I have to admit I’m wondering
                          See while you’re in water I’m on land
                          So correct me if I am wrong
                          While I’m in water you are on land

                          Fish fish
                          How do you have your baths
                          I’ve been pondering and pondering
                          the cleanliness of you
                          I find it quite concerning 

                          Howling Howls

                          The humans howl all the time
                          Day and night
                          But when I discuss the latest news
                          With fellow canines
                          They make an awful fuss

                          Running round the garden
                          Excited creature they are
                          Interrupting my discussions
                          With their awful howling howls


                          You’re there for me always
                          Forever by my side
                          I never need to explain to you what exactly’s on my mind
                          But if I choose to anyway you never mind

                          So don’t forget that
                          When I say I love you
                          It’s as true as
                          The fact that
                          You are you

                          Silent Snores

                          Sitting in his usual spot upon the sofa
                          Sleeping silently with jaws parted
                          Ready for the snores to come
                          Though it is silent now 
                          As he sleeps on.

Sunflowers and other poems: pre school creativity

Sadly not everything is dated but the bottom three are age four, I think the first one is a little younger.



Beth says the image is of food, she vaguely remembers that which I think is pretty cool at 14.


Four years and two months here.