Friday, 17 September 2010

International Freedom in Education Day and why Home Education works for us

As I my time is being gobbled up at the moment trying to sort out the catastrophic result of trusting the authorities with the education of one of my children I have decided to celebrate International Freedom in Education Day with a picture blog, always a more natural story telling medium to me.  And for the same reason this post will be my totally belated contribution the the blog carnival over at Jax's  about home education and why people chose it.

I hope these pictures will show the freedom and happiness home education has provided for one  little girl. A little girl who was so unhappy in school that she was able to talk, for the first time in many months, without ranting and without pause for an hour about all the reasons school was illogical and hypocritical and was not supporting her learning or her mental health.  A little girl who did not allow a second to pass between the first realisation that home education was a possibility and and her passionate exhortation to be allowed to leave the school that had become a place of torture for her. A child who for a long time had been too stressed and exhausted to learn at school or at home.  A little girl who was at the time beside herself with anguish, confusion, rage, betrayal and despair but in that moment took back control of her own future and shifted it onto a profoundly enabling and empowering path that changed our perception of many things we had taken for granted for ever!


The Victorian Staffords



Squeezing through

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Pressy time

Sam's Birthday

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