Monday, 18 October 2010

What do I do when I get a virus

right, i do quite a lot when I can be bothered.

First and most important for me is
Naiouli oil, it opens the passages and can cut off a cough in it's tracks

This is my essential oil bible

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Then lavender oil, all around the throat, in front and behind the ears, the sinuses forehead and back or the neck, every hour if you can remember. It is anti viral anti bacterial, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow, and relaxes you mind to boot.

then ibuprofen and paracetamol, if you use them early enough you don't have to take much, they reduce inflammation and open up the airways too, reducing stress on sore parts, lol.

Then a lavender roll, heated pad full of barley or something like that, relaxes everything and is sheer bliss.

Then a good tv programme or film, I love mindless house makeovers, let yourself be young and have a duvet day.

With a vit c drink

May be more will link my blog, but this is enough for you to be going on with yes?

Will put this on living and life, lots of colds about, got one myself and just about surviving with a small part of the above and lots of calming wine!
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