Saturday, 4 July 2009

Going Girly

For some time Beth has been against everything and anything girly and the colour pink has been to her like garlic to a vampire. But a transformation has been – very slowly – happening, starting funnily enough with cutting her hair very short. This seems to have been cathartic and released her from the desire to hide behind boyish clothes. This was I think partly a reaction to the bullying she experienced at school and I delight to see it go. I also delight in the actuality and the prospect of girly clothes, not too girly of course though.

So to Tesco we went, taking our voucher to keep the cost low, and a new wardrobe was acquired, full of lovely colours and flowing skirt like things. And – biggest shock of all as my kids duck when they see a camera, rather like the cats – a photo session was requested.

Here are the results:

But she is please to find that she can still climb the trees.

Talking about it to big sis.

A New Blog

A new blog, somehow couldn't bring myself to put the real life stuff amongst the political at the moment.

This blog is to record our life and learning, which was why I was blogging in the first place and now I had better do it. I'm not really doing it for the dear LA, I have always tried to have a record, photographic and written of the important parts of our life. It is something I would have loved to be able to look at when I had my children, so I do it for them.

It will probably go backwards and forwards for some time as I am way behind but have lots of photos.

I will try to make it interesting but it is really just a record.
Welcome to anyone who makes the journey here to read my scribblings.