Wednesday, 24 June 2009

And as well.

We saw all the lovely animals they have.

Making Elderflower cordial

The ginger cat was one of our last litter of kittens.

One hour old

Here he is within minutes of birth.

Wanna fight

And at a few weeks old.

Dark tortie

This is his sister, she lives here to but was hiding.


And here is his mum who still lives with us.

Making Elderflower Cordial

And there were chickens and fantastic eggs to take home. They taste so different.

Making Elderfower cordial

And this one is called Pipin, can you guess why?


A very sweet little mouse to be kept away from the cats.


Dragonfly lava

And something we had never seen before, a dragonfly lava.

At the allotment

Good fresh organic ingredients were collected from the allotment,


amongst the sunlit grasses and poppies.


And still time for fun in the garden.


Making Elderflower Cordial

Finally blogging a wonderful day at a day making Elderflower cordial and Champagne earlier in the summer.  We did this with a good friend who has access to lots of elderflowers and has the organisational skill to make the process incredibly successful.  Both were absolutely delicious, well worth the effort which was actually much more like play, sticky and messy.  Next year we will be making much more.  The elderberries are ready now and I had wanted to make elderberry wine so lets hope I can walk when I come out of these plaster.

Making Elderflower Cordial

Making Edlerflower cordial

Making Elderflower cordial




Making Elderfower cordial

Making Elderflower cordial

A little gaming break was required.
A little break
A little break
And a lovely lunch was our reward