Saturday, 4 July 2009

A New Blog

A new blog, somehow couldn't bring myself to put the real life stuff amongst the political at the moment.

This blog is to record our life and learning, which was why I was blogging in the first place and now I had better do it. I'm not really doing it for the dear LA, I have always tried to have a record, photographic and written of the important parts of our life. It is something I would have loved to be able to look at when I had my children, so I do it for them.

It will probably go backwards and forwards for some time as I am way behind but have lots of photos.

I will try to make it interesting but it is really just a record.
Welcome to anyone who makes the journey here to read my scribblings.


  1. Hi Maire, glad you have found your new place! It's a bit of an uneasy mix isn't it - politics and personal life - I've been thinking of doing something similar myself (setting up a seperate blog, I mean) but not sure yet.

    Anyway, will keep reading. :) xx

  2. Couldn't post a comment on above picture blog as box didn't appear.
    I love the first picture of Beth. So beautiful and soulful. I felt instantly, looking into her eyes, like I couldn't bear anyone to bully her.

    Funnily, I am mum to 4 with a 20 year gap between first and last and luckily married to a most wonderful man, who is also a professor.

    Good idea to split blogs at this time. I'm struggling to keep my mind on anything else and review stuff just will out whenever I'm trying to blog. I blog to process stuff and to keep a record for us. I also do it to keep folks in touch with what we are up to. I know my eldest daughter reads all the time, and gets a good feeling of home from doing so. I've been blogging since 2004 and LOVE it! What a resource!

    lovely photos!

  3. Hi Debs, life has gotten in the way of me replying to your comment and posting on this blog as you know, but glad to see you here.

    Sally what a coincidence, must rush to read your blog if I am not already doing so. I find blogging useful to order and remember things, doing it on the computer does not work in quite the same way for me.

    And yes it does keep people who wish to be in the loop, my eldest reads when i insist, lol but she has got herself one of those jobs which mean the last thing she wants to do at night is go on a computer.

    it is lucky to be married to a wonderful man isn't it, although mine is stretched to his limits by my broken legs at the moment.

  4. lots of the same reasons that I have carried on blogging even after I don't need a record of education. Nice to read what's going on for you separate from the political stuff!

  5. Hi Sarah
    Nice to see you here. I was just about to add your blog to my sidebar again, blogger keeps stripping my links for some reason. I think I that here is a better place than Staffordshire so will start a blog sidebar here.

  6. Sally your name doesn't lead to your blog, it would be lovely to have a link.