Friday, 8 January 2010


We haven't had as much of it as further north or further south but what we have had has been thoroughly enjoyed.

It has transformed my very messy garden into a thing of beauty.  (At this point I was frantically holding Beth back so I could take an untouched picture.

It has given rise to snowball fights, snow angels and lots of sledging.eDSC_0034

Given me something to photograph.

And Beth has absolutely adored it,here she is returning from a sledging trip with a friend. Such a pity I can't post a picture of her friend who is under the radar and very much want to stay there.


And the clematis is budding so very early spring is on the way, yes it is!!!



  1. That space before the second photo should not be there but I daren't go near the html as I would only make it worse!

  2. LOL! Looks like great fun. I have loved how the snow has made our garden neat and tidy too, although it's not been "sticky" enough to make a snowman or anything unfortunately :(

  3. Ours seems to be melting now although snowing at the same time, may yet get to make a snowman and we will do it in a totally unscheduled way yeh!