Monday, 31 May 2010

There must be a way!

I have been on my own since about 11 yesterday as Bruce and Beth set off to collect Will from Scotland and I had high hopes that without the feeling of responsibility for Beth and taking Ritalin I would be able to power through my list.  This is very necessary as it is Jo's birthday tomorrow and we are hosting the meal and Beth has met a friend who lives in Loughborough so we may be hosting a school family in the near future and normal chaos is enough to get one's head around if HE is new.

Well I have never hyperfocused on the wrong thing or procrastinated so much, I was so mad with myself that I couldn't sleep and ended up watching watch again into the early hours and sleeping on the sofa - not a hardship, it is large and very comfy.  I am only beginning with Ritalin and the dose is the starting dose and not expected to solve all problems but it is becoming very clear to me  that when the books say that more than medication is needed they are right.  Thinking about this this morning I suddenly thought about my to do list and how it is just a muggy blur in my mind when I am not looking at it and even when I am looking at it it doesn't do much for me.  Now I am quite a visual person and in my sorting have uncovered a mind map type list that I made some time ago but that hadn't really worked so I thought what about drawing it.

So here it is and it is really helping so far, it is like it delivers information to my brain in a more accessible way, could be the novelty of course but I am blogging it so that I don't forget that I did it and am able to make a considered decision about whether it works.

To do

Looking at it, I think it helps that it is in no particular order, hmmm!


  1. Good luck with your mind map/todo.

    I find them really helpful. Long ago I used to refer to the piece of paper in my back pocket as my 'brain'.

  2. Thanks, it is good to know they work for other people.