Thursday, 14 July 2011

Well that stopped us in our tracks!

Our busy week ended when Beth banged her head on the kitchen surface by standing up into the overhang of the breakfast bar, ouch!!!  Composite stone looks great but doesn't feel to good on impact!

So sadly our HE trip to Wicksteed was off, and we had a quiet few days while her head recovered, allowing the scratches and bruises gained playing in the trees at Mora to heal as well.

Since then I have been trying to sort out all the washing, find last years list and generally prepare for Hesfes so that the packing is not the usual torture.  Beth has had a sleepover and friends to play so it has not been too boring for her.  She has been downloading drawing programs on to her ipad and rapidly producing some lovely artwork.

Ice skating tonight, Harry Potter tomorrow and The Sound of Music on Saturday, followed by more preparation for going away.  Must decide whether we are taking two cars, one being the Bambi or putting up with the usual stress and panic of all we want to take nearly not fitting in the car.

Ds1 went off to Scotland to get the keys to his flat for next semester so cooking became a bit simpler and baked potatoes could go on the menu with no guilt.  Not that I am eating much carb at the moment, fighting the fatigue caused by my thyroid issues has lead to a mainly organic diet with much more protein, second mortgage time soon!

Ds2 has finally finished school so no more school kids here, hurray!  Seriously his school had gone from a non uniform school with an emphasis on pastoral care to a fenced gated prison with a uniform that reminds me of Playboy when I see the girls!  Trying not to read too much into that.

His BTEC A level equivalent media film was entered into a local competition where it won best soundtrack and was shown at the leavers event and enough other events to make him totally bored of it and his Mum very proud.  I am impatiently awaiting the youtube upload so I can link it here.  It took the mickey out of the school in a way that delighted the pupils and many of the staff who may well not be enthusiastically behind the recent changes.

His GCSE equivalent film won the school showcase a couple of years ago.

Now he just has to sort out what he is doing next, but he is tidying his room as a female friend wants to come round to play computer games.  I have wished for this for a long time (the room tidying that is) but genuinely was giving up hope.  So maybe more miracles will happen : )

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