Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Two of my kids have an ADHD diagnosis (after 10 years of trying) and I have just had mine confirmed as primarily innatentive type.  I am trying to explore in a less desperate way than I did when seeking diagnosis to see if I can learn little things that can make a big difference.

Getting diagnosed was a traumatic struggle (and that is no exaggeration), the cards are stacked against you if you have ADHD due to the incompetence and tendency to lose things of the NHS.   I may blog about in another post if I find I can without endangering my blood pressure, not there yet.

One of the items I watched at the beginning of my journey to diagnosis was this Horizon episode from from 2005.

It both helped and hindered as it is mostly about hyperactive types and although one son has that I and my other son present very differently. I find the single mother with two kids charming in this, to have kept such an open attitude despite the unfair blame she has been subject to for most of her life is wonderful.  Maybe I had it once but it has been totally knocked out of me at the moment due to the intense struggle and lack of support and understanding I have experienced in getting this far.

We are going around the houses with the NHS at the moment for a diagnosis for my last child, she presents unusually as well but is almost as a carbon copy of me.  But it wouldn't do to really listen to the parent would it so on with the endless tests we go.  And I have to say it is an improvement on the blame the parent attitude I experienced first time round.

Anyway, I am going to go looking for a video on innatentive type although that may be less easy to find as wandering round the house saying why am I here, what am I looking for, makes far less dramatic TV.


  1. I hope you find what you need, Maire, and that the diagnostic journey isn't too challenging x

  2. my eldest, youngest and myself both have ADHD. to get a diagnosis was very difficult and we ended up getting doing this privately. I also watched the horizon documentary :)

  3. Thanks Hannah, it continues to be challenging with my GP neglecting to send ECG results to my psychiatrist, sigh, need a more educated GP practice but how to find one, a bit of a frying pan fire scenario.

    Amanda you shouldn't have to go privately but it probably reduces the stress considerably. Wonder if you could claim the cost back from the NHS, probably not worth the stress. Glad you got the diagnoses in the end.