Tuesday, 17 January 2012

So tired

It is remorseless and never ending, cooking and washing and heating and more shopping, it has got to get easier.  I am abandoning the pots in a a sink of soapy water and will deal with them when I get back from a gym group Beth is trying out tomorrow afternoon.  I should have prepared for that down to the tiniest detail so my ADHD can't catch me out but I am just too tired, I have the address, have looked at the route and know I need 45 minutes to get there, that will have to do.  Fingers crossed my disability with time doesn't trip me up tomorrow.

Anyway some of the veg I am chopping is fascinating, this is Romanesque Cauliflower.

I have made Kefir cream cheese and whey.

And avoiding plastic is forcing me to use some of my lovely glass.

And Beth has moved on to intro stage 3 and can have pancakes, these are made with raw squash, two eggs and almond butter whizzed in the food processer till smooth.  I don't really enjoy pancakes but these were at least as nice as traditional ones and didn't sit heavily on the stomach as they do, eaten with home made yoghurt and honey.  Beth has another food item which she loves.


  1. I have to work really hard at time management and find timers do help although it takes quite a while to get used to!

  2. I have timers all over the house but forget to use them, lol. All my strategies deserted me when the menopause and hypothyriodism hit, even forget to take my ritalin when I should! I need ritalin to remember to take my ritalin! Will get there in the end.