Saturday, 4 August 2012


Apart from the absence of hyperfocus, now a well known possibility in ADHD, this is a very interesting video.

Of course these labels are attempts to understand and categorise behaviours that may not stem from the same causes and may indeed be better understood in a completely different way but they are a better understanding than naughty lazy and rude.

A virtual friend of some years has a very interesting blog about autism, 'What is Autism Anyway", she brings her experience to the discussion of the labelling and naming involved and the sources of our assumptions and categories.  These cautions will apply to all neurodiversities, ADHD included.

And from the comments, and so true, one thing both have in common is anxiety.

This one is informative too, the answer to the first question is so spot on, but the doctor's humility and understanding are not always present.

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