Friday, 30 October 2009


One of the gift pumpkins became a new style for us of Jack o lantern.  I saw some beautiful examples of lanterns where the skin was partially cut away rather than completely just to let the light shine through on Flickr and showed them to Beth thinking to help her make one later.  But when I eventually wheeled  into the kitchen it was done and dusted much to my surprise and a very good effort I think it was.

 Beth had great fun making a blood transfusion pouch for her vampire self, unfortunately face paint now makes her face itchy so we couldn’t go the whole hog.
 She absolutely adores trick or treating, something quite alien to us and something we have resisted.  She has been out with the older kids in previous years, they complain about doing this as we wouldn’t let them do it but usually help out, but this year neither of them were available so Bruce swallowed his reservations and took her.  She had a great time as usual getting a large hoard of sweets and some money and coming back glowing with the cold and the excitement of it all.
The evening was finished off with a not too bad pumpkin soup, for some reason I can never find the last recipe we used so have to look for a new one  each year.  This was not the best one I have ever made but it was Ok, but not one to save so I will be in the same position next year, and will probably be wondering why I haven’t saved last years!
And Jamie took my camera out and took these lovely pictures of the moon.
And just for the record I am still non weight bearing and using a wheelchair here.


  1. There are ranges of face paints that are hypoallergenic now, I think. If you can't find any then a powdery kind might be less irritating to the skin than the grease paint kind.

  2. We have the powdery kind but she still gets irritated, her skin has got a lot more sensitive lately as has her hearing, hopefully it will pass.