Friday, 2 October 2009

Today for Beth

Today for Beth a listen to this video which generated much delight.

Some creativity that involved cutting up a plastic bottle with a penknife.  The only outcome the LA would be able to see is something that Beth has more than mastered; mess.

A play in the garden with two younger home ed friends as their mums have kindly come to have a chat with me before the Friday French group starts..  This is a Jolie Ronde group that Beth tried just after coming out of school and found too schooly, but has recently restarted and is enjoying.

Back home to about two hours spent on the homework!!!!  A minor meltdown about the inevitable lack of perfection and a major achievement on my part in just expressing sympathy and no solutions.  Of course she created a solution for herself and ended up pleased with her work.  Bouncing around the room beaming I'm learning French, it is astonishing how much pleasure learning gives when the child totally owns it.

Lots of play with friends in the park as three sessions take place on Friday afternoon giving plenty of time for the children to socialise.

Autumn Watch in the evening.

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