Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Art All Day

One of the things I love about autonomous education is how you can just go with the flow.  We started the morning looking at Hannah's blog, and deciding to take part in the March Home Baked Challenge.  This led us to look at some other posts which led us on a blog cum Flickr walk to the Sketch Tuesday project.  We had a look at the results of last weeks challenge and loved this one, but for next Tuesday the topic was spring flowers and we decided to have a go, not necessarily take part but just give it a try.

Here are our attempts.


eDSC_0006 (2)

Of course we both liked the other's best and I told Beth how much I would love just to be freer and not always have to go for precise portrayal of the subject.  She decided we would draw something else and to give me a chance to be more carefree chose a very silly photo of a giraffe for us to draw.

This was fun and freeing


but Beth decided hers looked more like a fish and went off on a tangent, proving that however hard you try you can't beat a child for creativity.


We then decided to have a rest and revert to our artistic comfort zone which for Beth is trees,


and for me is horses, oh those misspent hours at the back of the geography class!


Beth requested the horn and the wings, why not!

Then Beth got bored of comfort and took on the greenhouse.


We also had extra fun by rediscovering the water colour pencils.

All in all a very productive day and now she is off with Dad for pizza and an ice hockey match with his co workers and I have the house all to myself!


  1. These drawings are fantastic! And your unicorn puts mine to shame lol
    So glad to read that you're going to be joining in the home baked challenge :o)

  2. thanks Hannah, was meant to be a horse really but the day evolved, didn't know you had done one, must go look.