Friday, 5 March 2010

Just Curious

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Wonder how many of us are known to our LA.

Are you known to the Local Authority
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If you are known to your local authority do or don't you have visits
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  1. We had a rather bizarre experience when we deregistered our daughter after 2 months of secondary school. Because, for just those 2 months, she'd been on a scholarship in an independent school, our LA decided we were beyond their remit and wished us luck. They have so far left us to get on with it. Very nice (although I'm sure it'll change soon). And perhaps there's an underlying snobbery in their approach that's distasteful.

  2. Intellectual snobbery I would have thought Sheperdlass, your daughter has proved herself able to excel in their system. Nice for you thought
    : )

  3. I have my head so far above the parapet I'm practically jumping over it......but I am still not "known"...! And if I was I would not have visits....

  4. Not surprised Alison, you have the best defence, the threat of far superior knowledge, lol.