Thursday, 18 March 2010

We almost have a weekly plan!

Don't tell the LA!

On Monday we go swimming where we sometimes meet other home educators, but we are fine when they don't come and have a lovely time which for me includes some exercise (Good).


We often follow this up with a trip around the very good charity shops in this little town, although having to ration ourselves on this as they are too good and can leave me running out of money in the middle of the week.  
Last week we spent 5 freezing minutes in the local park.


Where my funny bone was mightily tickled by Syston's version of the Millenium Bridge.


On Tuesday Beth does Ju Jitsu at the Hope Centre in Nottingham, a centre open Tuesday and Thursday and offering a variety of classes including music and hopefully soon drama.  Beth will be starting very reasonably priced guitar lessons there next week.  The day includes lots and lots of free play and socialising as well, for us both : )

Every second Wednesday of the month we attend the home ed meet at the Ice Centre, more socialising for both of us and lots of exercise for Beth.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

This lady gives me hope, when my legs are a little more recovered I may give it a go myself!

She has enjoyed these sessions so much that she has started lessons on a Thursday night.  After lessons the public session is free so Thursdays see us arriving home between 10 and 11 at night, ah well we don't have to get up the next day.  And I usually make it back for Newsnight and This Week, good job The Big Bang Theory is repeats at the moment, and that I have discovered where to park for free in the evening rather than paying an extortionate £5.50.

Fridays used to include French but we are taking a break from that for the moment so it is fortnightly wildlife and wellies.  Lots of information about the natural world, usually something to bring home and lots of socialising for both of us : ) again.  


We are trying to fit another swim in here as well.

And we try to include a photography walk in our weekend plans, sometimes more successful than others!

Who knows how long this will last but now I have written it down I will be more aware as the pattern changes.

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