Sunday, 14 March 2010

An Unexpected night out

Just before she left for a weeks skiing Jo gave us tickets she had won to a Katherine Jenkins concert at Nottingham Arena.  They were excellent seats very near the front, not at all the sort of seats we would have been able to afford.
The supporting group, Escala were excellent, their electronic instruments were particularly visualy exciting being just skeletons of a similar acoustic instrument, but I loved the sound when they were using acoustic intruments, it had a richer depth to it.
Katherine Jenkins herself has an extraordinary voice, suggesting a deep seriousness and a studious classical nature.  The performance however completely gave the lie to this being a spectacular show mixing opera with circus and pantomime.  Very entertaining and extraordinary.




The show was called Believe and was promoting her new album.  It was a real treat to have a night out especially as it involved live music, even the fact that nowhere in Nottingham was serving food when we came out at 10.30 didn't spoil the evening.  And getting her Living a Dream album from Beth for Mothers Day was a particularly nice touch.  I listened to it twice while shortening my new bedroom curtains which was my choice of what to do on Mothers Day, unguilty time to create, even if it was just modifying was a real pleasure.

I also received a bottle of pink fizzy from J, a book from my wishlist from W, Paranoid Parenting, and will be enjoying a spa day with Jo sometime in the future.  : )  And of course was well looked after by Bruce all day, something particularly welcome as I have a rotten sneezy cold.

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